Ref: OUTRTLK-2019-0031

The atmosphere of our favourite study object, the Sun

Vanlommel, Petra

Talk presented at Solar Eclipse Conference 2018, Genk on 2018-08-05

Abstract: Sporadic and massive eruptions of very high-energy matter and radiation from the Sun can have a pronounced impact on our ability to navigate, communicate and on our energy supplies. In extreme cases, these eruptions pose a safety risk to human health. Crew and passengers on air planes can be subject to solar radiation, astronauts in space receive unhealthy or even lethal doses. This is space weather. To study and to forecast space weather, we need state-of-the-art-technology to observe the Sun. One of our pearls is the PROBA3 duo-satellite, THE solar eclipse maker. This all is definitely worthwhile talking about it!

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