Ref: OUTRTLK-2019-0030

Solar Data

Vanlommel, Petra

Talk presented at Masterclass, Kunsthal Extra City
, Antwerpen–Berchem on 2018-02-08

Abstract: The master class is an invitation to a journey into light conditions and non-visual photography, where human-made sensors are programmed to deliver giant data creatures, which threat to devour other dyslexic humans. Numeric poetry and the imagination of a few, drew rainbow weapons to tame the data. Scientists read conclusions of the universe in abstract paintings, composers write phonetic literature and the sun shines in earth made rhythms. In this countless mesh we will imagine together principles, systems and patterns of the future math storytelling, the objects we will need or not and how they serve us, if so. And all this just because we most likely won't be able to photosynthesize anytime soon but keep on perspiring. Solar Data focusses on solar satellite data and data from ground based stations.

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