Ref: CTALK-2019-0070

RHESSI SWAP Post-Flare Giant Arch Signatures

West, Matthew ; Seaton , Daniel ; Palmerio, Erika ; Dennis, Brian ; Savage, Sabrina ; Feng, Li

Talk presented at COSPAR, Pasadena, USA on 2018-07-20

Abstract: Recent observations from the SWAP EUV imager on board PROBA2, AIA on SDO and SXI X ray observations from the GOES satellite have shown that post flare giant arches and regular post flare loops are one and the same thing. However, it is still not clear how certain loop systems are able to sustain prolonged growth to heights greater than half a solar radii (> 400000 km). In this presentation we further explore the energy deposition rate above post flare loop systems through high energy RHESSI observations, combined with evidence of supra arcade down flows, indicating ongoing sustained magnetic reconnection.

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