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Science Article (Ref.) 
Resonant Absorption as Mode Conversion? / Cally, P.S. ; Andries, J.
published in Solar Physics, 266, pp. 17-38 (2010) [SIDCimport-1138]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Linear coupling between fast and slow MHD waves due to line-tying effects / Terradas, J. ; Andries, J. ; Verwichte, E.
published in Astronomy Astrophysics, 527, pp. 8 (2011) [SIDCimport-1137]
Science Article (Ref.) 
On the Dispersion and Scattering of Magnetohydrodynamic Waves by Longitudinally Stratified Flux Tubes / Andries, J. ; Cally, P.S.
published in Astrophysical Journal (2011) [SIDCimport-1136]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Resonant Alfvén waves in partially ionized plasmas of the solar atmosphere / Soler, R. ; Andries, J. ; Goossens, M.
published in Astronomy Astrophysics, 537, pp. 9 (2012) [SIDCimport-1135]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Surface Alfvén Waves in Solar Flux Tubes / Goossens, M. ; Andries, J. ; Soler, R. ; Van Doorsseleare, T. ; et al
published in Astrophysical Journal (2012) [SIDCimport-1134]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Energy Propagation by Transverse Waves in Multiple Flux Tube Systems Using Filling Factors / Van Doorsseleare, T. ; Gijsen, S.E. ; Andries, J. ; Verth, G.
published in Astrophysical Journal, 795, pp. 18 (2014) [SIDCimport-1133]
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Conf. Poster 
Tailored Space Weather Products in Support of ESA Missions / Berghmans, D. ; Kruglanski, M. ; et al
Poster presented at ESWW11 on 2014-11-xx [SIDCimport-818]
Conf. Talk 
Space weather activities in Brussels / Berghmans, D. ; Andries, J. ; et al
Talk presented at UNCOUPOS Expert Meeting on Improving Space Weather Forecasting in the Next Decade, Vienna (Austria) on 2014-xx-xx [SIDCimport-794]
Conf. Poster 
Making Solar FITS files interoperable / Berghmans, D. ; Andries, J. ; et al
Poster presented at ESWW10, Antwerp (Belgium) on 2013-11-xx [SIDCimport-722]
Science Article 
Influence of a uniform coronal magnetic field on solar p modes / Vanlommel, P. ; Debosscher, A. ; Andries, J. ; Goossens, M.
submitted to ESA SP Series, 506 (2002) [SIDCimport-4]
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