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Conf. Talk 
The Low-Energy Ion Event on 19 June 2020 Measured by Solar Orbiter / Aran, A. ; ManyOtherAuthors, X. ; et al
Talk presented at AGU Fall Meeting (online) on 2020-12-03 [CTALK-2021-0008]
Conf. Talk 
Prospects for improving existing space weather forecasting schemes using Extreme Ultraviolet Imager data onboard Solar Orbiter / Podladchikova, O. ; Harra, L. ; et al
Talk presented at 4th Swiss SCOSTEP Workshop (online) on 2020-10-29 [CTALK-2021-0007]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Exploring the radial evolution of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections using EUHFORIA / Scolini, C. ; Dasso, S. ; Rodriguez, L. ; Zhukov, A. N. ; et al
published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 649, pp. A69 (2021) 10.1051/0004-6361/202040226 [SCART-2021-0001]
Science Article (Ref.) 
EUropean Heliospheric FORecasting Information Asset 2.0 / Poedts, S. ; Lani, A. ; Scolini, C. ; Verbeke, C. ; et al
published in Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (2020) [SCART-2020-0141]
Science Article (Ref.) 
CMEs in the Heliosphere: III. A Statistical Analysis of the Kinematic Properties Derived from Stereoscopic Geometrical Modelling Techniques Applied to CMEs Detected in the Heliosphere from 2008 to 2014 by STEREO/HI-1 / Barnes, D. ; Davies, J. ; Harrison, R. ; Byrne, J. ; et al
published in Solar Physics (2020) [SCART-2020-0133]
Science Article (Ref.) 
The Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre / Poedts, S. ; Kochanov, A. ; Lani, A. ; Scolini, C. ; et al
published in J. of Space Weather and Space Climate (2020) [SCART-2020-0108]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Space weather monitor at the L5 point: a case study of a CME observed with STEREO B / Rodriguez, L. ; Scolini, C. ; Mierla, M. ; Zhukov, A. ; et al
published in Space Weather, 18, pp. e2020SW002533 (2020) 10.1029/2020SW002533 [SCART-2020-0107]
PECASUS 24h/7d Advisory Production Service for ICAO / Andries, Jesse ; De Patoul, Judith ; et al [PERIO-2020-0002]
Conf. Talk (Inv.) 
Jhelioviewer News / Nicula, B. ; Rodriguez, L.
Invited talk presented at Solar Orbiter Modelling and Data Analysis Working Group (MADAWG), Madrid, Spain on 2019-01-24 [CTALK-2020-0089]
Conf. Talk (Inv.) 
Validation of EUHFORIA and Kp, Dst models in VSWMC / Rodriguez, L.
Invited talk presented at Virtual Space Weather Modelling Center Final Review Meeting on 2019-02-18 [CTALK-2020-0088]

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