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Near-real time ionospheric maps over Europe / Chevalier, Jean-Marie ; Bergeot, Nicolas [DATASET-2019-0038]
Conf. Talk 
Geospace environment monitoring at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctic (PEA) station: instrumentation and first results / Bergeot, Nicolas ; Chevalier, Jean-Marie ; et al
Talk presented at URS2017 GASS, Montreal, Canada on 2017-08-24 [CTALK-2019-0078]
Conf. Poster 
Climatological behaviour of the Total Electron Content at the South Pole / Bergeot, Nicolas ; Chevalier, Jean-Marie
Poster presented at ESWW14, Ostende, Belgium on 2017-11-30 [POSTER-2019-0052]
Conf. Talk 
Climatological behaviour of the Ionospheric-Plasmaspheric Total Electron Content over Antarctica / Bergeot, Nicolas ; Chevalier, Jean-Marie
Talk presented at SCAR-STCE workshop, Brussels, Belgium on 2017-12-04 [CTALK-2019-0077]
Conf. Talk 
Near-real time detection of solar radio burst impacting the GNSS signal reception / Chevalier, Jean-Marie ; Bergeot, Nicolas ; et al
Talk presented at ESWW13, Ostende, Belgium on 2016-11-15 [CTALK-2019-0076]
Conf. Talk 
Warning System for GNSS Signal Degradation Caused by Solar Radio Bursts / Chevalier, Jean-Marie. ; Bergeot, Nicolas ; et al
Talk presented at URSI 2017 GASS, Montreal, Canada on 2017-08-22 [CTALK-2019-0074]
Files: Download fulltextPDF;
Conf. Talk 
Near real-time monitoring of the solar activity impact on European region from the EPN data / Chevalier, Jean-Marie ; Bergeot, Nicolas
Talk presented at EUREF Analysis Centres Workshop, Brussels, Belgium on 2017-10-25 [CTALK-2019-0073]
Files: Download fulltextPDF;
Conf. Poster 
Real-Time Alert System for GNSS Signal Degradation Caused by Solar Radio Bursts / Chevalier, Jean-Marie ; Bergeot, Nicolas
Poster presented at ESWW14, Oostende, Belgium on 2017-11-27 [POSTER-2019-0051]
Files: Download fulltextPDF;
Science Article 
EUREF 2017 National Report of Belgium / Bruyninx, Carine ; Bergeot, Nicolas ; Chatzinikos, Miltiadis ; Chevalier, Jean-Marie ; et al
published in Proceedings of the Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF) Wroclaw, Poland, 17-19 May 2017 (2018) [SCART-2019-0018]
Conf. Poster 
Solar radio observation from Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission: a potential new dataset for space weather services / Crapolicchio, Raffaele ; Casella, Daniele ; et al
Poster presented at ESWW15 on 2018-11-09 [POSTER-2019-0002]

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