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Conf. Talk 
Solar coronal mass ejections observed with the Heliophysics System Observatory / Moestl, C. ; Boakes, P.D. ; et al
Talk presented at First VarSITI General Symposium and annual HELCATS meeting, Albena, Bulgaria on 2016-06-06 [CTALK-2017-0063]
Science Article (Ref.) 
An Analysis of Interplanetary Solar Radio Emissions Associated with a Coronal Mass Ejection / Krupar, V ; Eastwood, J ; Kruparova, O ; Santolik, O ; et al
published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 823 issue 1 (2016) 10.3847/2041-8205/823/1/L5 [SCART-2017-0019]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Long-Term Tracking of Corotating Density Structures using Heliospheric Imaging / Plotnikov, I. ; Rouillard, A.P. ; Davies, J. ; Bothmer, V. ; et al
published in Solar Physics (2016) [SIDCimport-1825]
Conf. Poster 
Radio Triangulation of Type II Bursts Associated with a CME - CME Interaction / Krupar, Vratislav ; Bothmer, V. ; et al
Poster presented at AGU Fall meeting, 14 – 18 December, 2015, San Francisco, USA on 2015-12-xx [SIDCimport-1820]
Conf. Talk 
HELCATS – Heliospheric Cataloguing, Analysis and Technique Service / Harrison, R.A. ; Davis, A.B. ; et al
Talk presented at 12th European Space Weather Week, Belgium, November 23-27, 2015. on 2015-xx-xx [SIDCimport-1801]
Conf. Poster 
HELCATS: HELiospheric Cataloguing, Analysis and Techniques Service / Bisi, M. ; Davis, A.B. ; et al
Poster presented at Third Remote Sensing of the Inner Heliosphere Space Weather Applications Workshop, Michoacan, Mexico, 20-24 October 2015 on 2015-xx-xx [SIDCimport-1800]
Conf. Poster 
The origin of the 11- and 22-year periodicities of major geomagnetic storms / Bothmer, V. ; INTAS, Team
Poster presented at IAU Symposium 226, Beijing, China on 2004-xx-xx [SIDCimport-1344]
Conf. Poster 
Interaction of magnetic clouds in the solar wind / Bothmer, V. ; Romashets, E.P. ; et al
Poster presented at the EGU 2004 General Assembly, Nice on 2004-xx-xx [SIDCimport-1343]
Conf. Talk (Inv.) 
A comprehensive view of the giant Sun-Earth events in October/November 2003 / Bothmer, V. ; Zhukov, A.N. ; et al
Invited talk presented at the EGU 2004 General Assembly, Nice on 2004-xx-xx [SIDCimport-1342]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Solar and Heliospheric Phenomena in October-November 2003: Causes and Effects / Veselovsky, I.S. ; Panasyuk, M.I. ; Avdyushin, S.I. ; Bazilevskaya, G.A. ; et al
published in Cosmic Research, 42, pp. 435-488 (2004) [SIDCimport-1326]

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