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Properties of Streamer Wave Events Observed during the STEREO Era / Decraemer, Bieke ; Zhukov, Andrei ; Van Doorsselaere, Tom
published in Astrophysical Journal, 893, pp. 78 (2020) 10.3847/1538-4357/ab8194 [SCART-2021-0090]
Science Article 
Scientific processing pipeline for ASPIICS coronagraph / Shestov, Sergei V ; Bourgoignie, Bram ; Nicula, Bogdan ; Dolla, Laurent ; et al
published in Proceedings SPIE: Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2020: Optical, Infrared, and Millimeter Wave, 4 issue 1, pp. 264-279 (2020) 10.1117/12.2560164 [SCART-2021-0008]
Science Article 
Editorial: Solar Wind at the Dawn of the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter Era / Lapenta, Giovanni ; Zhukov, Andrei ; van Driel-Gesztelyi, Lidia
published in Solar Physics, 295, pp. 103 (2020) 10.1007/s11207-020-01670-8 [SCART-2020-0143]
Conf. Talk 
EUI data exploitation and synergy with other instruments / Katsiyannis, Thanassis ; Zhukov, Andrei ; et al
Talk presented at The near-Sun solar wind at solar minimum, RAS specialist Discussion Meeting, London, UK on 2020-03-13 [CTALK-2020-0112]
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10 February - launch of Solar Orbiter / Vanlommel, Petra ; Pham, Le Binh San ; et al
Conf. Talk 
Multipoint study of successive CMEs driving moderate disturbances at 1 AU / Palmerio, Erika ; Scolini, Camilla ; et al
Talk presented at EGU 2019, Vienna on 2019-04-07 [CTALK-2020-0024]
Conf. Talk 
Observations planning and Science Activity Plan of PROBA-3/ASPIICS / Dolla, Laurent ; Zhukov, Andrei
Talk presented at ASPIICS Science Operations Workshop (Göttingen, Germany) on 2019-09-24 [CTALK-2020-0023]
FITS header keyword definitions for PROBA-3/ASPIICS / Dolla, Laurent ; Nicula, Bogdan ; et al
Talk presented at ASPIICS Science Operations Workshop (Göttingen, Allemagne) on 2019-09-24 [CTALK-2020-0022]
Calculation of polarization angle deviations for different coronal conditions / Mierla, Marilena ; Inhester, Bernd ; et al
Talk presented at Proba3 SWT Meeting, Goettingen, Germany on 2019-09-23 [CTALK-2020-0019]
Conf. Talk (Inv.) 
From PROBA2/SWAP to Solar Orbiter/EUI: Exploring the outer edge of the EUV corona / Berghmans, David ; D'Huyse, Elke ; et al
Invited talk presented at AGU Fall Meeting 2019, San Francisco (US) on 2019-12-09 [CTALK-2019-0151]
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