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Science Article (Ref.) 
Facility for the radiometric characterization of space-based visible-near infrared detectors / Cisneros-González, M.E. ; Bolsée, D. ; Pereira, N. ; Van Laeken, L. ; et al
published in Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems, 9 issue 3, pp. 036001-036001 (2023) 10.1117/1.JATIS.9.3.036001 [SCART-2024-0116]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Martian CO2 Ice Observation at High Spectral Resolution With ExoMars/TGO NOMAD / Oliva, F. ; D'Aversa, E. ; Bellucci, G. ; Carrozzo, F. G. ; et al
published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127 issue 5, pp. e07083 (2022) 10.1029/2021JE007083 [SCART-2023-0123]
Evaluation of the capability of ExoMars-TGO NOMAD infrared nadir channel for water ice clouds detection on Mars. / Ruiz Lozano, L. ; Karatekin, Ö. ; Dehant, V. ; Bellucci, G. ; et al
published in Remote Sensing, 14 issue 4143, pp. 1-22 (2022) 10.3390/rs14174143 [SCART-2022-0132]
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No detection of methane on Mars from early ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter observations / Korablev, Oleg ; Avandaele, Ann Carine ; Montmessin, Franck ; Fedorova, Anna A. ; et al
published in Nature Geoscience, 568 issue 7753, pp. 517-520 (2019) 10.1038/s41586-019-1096-4 [SCART-2020-0129]
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Martian dust storm impact on atmospheric H2O and D/H observed by ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter / Vandaele, Ann Carine ; Korablev, Oleg ; Daerden, Frank ; Aoki, Shohei ; et al
published in Nature, 568 issue 7753, pp. 521-525 (2019) 10.1038/s41586-019-1097-3 [SCART-2020-0128]
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Science Article (Ref.) 
PLANET TOPERS: Planets, Tracing the Transfer, Origin, Preservation, and Evolution of their ReservoirS / Dehant, V. ; Asael, D. ; Baland, R.M. ; Baludikay, B.K. ; et al
published in Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 46 issue 4, pp. 1-16 (2016) 10.1007/s11084-016-9488-z [SCART-2020-0078]
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Conf. Talk 
Validation tests of the calibration bench for the characterization of MAJIS/JUICE VIS-NIR detectors / Cisneros-González, Miriam ; Bolsée, David ; et al
Talk presented at EPSC-DPS2019-551, Geneva, Switzerland on 2019-09-15 [CTALK-2019-0113]
Definition of a surface index based on previous datasets, to be used on NOMAD/EMTGO spectra. / Robert, S. ; Karatekin, O. ; Gloesener, E. ; Ruel, L. ; et al
published in European Planetary Science Congress - EPSC Abstracts , 12, pp. EPSC2018-722 (2018) [SCART-2019-0158]
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Conf. Poster 
ET-HOME: Evolution and Tracers of Habitability on Mars and the Earth / Debaille, Vinciane ; Claeys, Philippe ; et al
Poster presented at 18th EANA Astrobiology Conference, Berlin, Germany on 2018-09-25 [POSTER-2019-0067]
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Conf. Poster 
Definition of a surface index based on previous datasets, to be used on NOMAD/EMTGO spectra / Robert, Séverine ; Karatekin, Özgür ; et al
Poster presented at European Planetary Science Congress 2018, Berlin, Germany on 2018-09-19 [POSTER-2019-0066]
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