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Science Article (Ref.) 
Automated Detection of Accelerating Solar Eruptions Using Parabolic Hough Transform / Patel, Ritesh ; Pant, Vaibhav ; Iyer, Priyanka ; Banerjee, Dipankar ; et al
published in Solar Physics, 296 issue 2 (2021) [SCART-2022-0057]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Editorial: Space Weather Prediction: Challenges and Future prospects / Srivastava, Nandita ; Mierla, Marilena ; Zhang, Jie
published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, 8 (2021) [SCART-2022-0056]
SWAP Carrington Rotation Files / D'Huys, Elke ; West, Matthew ; et al [DATASET-2022-0015]
Study of the propagation, in situ signatures, and geoeffectiveness of shear-induced coronal mass ejections in different solar winds / Talpeanu, Dana-Camelia ; Poedts, Stefaan ; D'Huys, Elke ; Mierla, Marilena
published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 658 issue A56 (2022) 10.1051/0004-6361/202141977 [SCART-2022-0049]
Conf. Talk 
Study of the propagation and geoeffectiveness of simulated consecutive CMEs and interaction with the solar wind / Talpeanu, Dana-Camelia ; Poedts, Stefaan ; et al
Talk presented at 17th European Space Weather Week (ESWW), Glasgow, UK on 2021-10-26 [CTALK-2022-0041]
Propagation, in-situ signatures and geoeffectiveness of consecutive solar eruptions simulated in different solar wind conditions / Talpeanu, Dana-Camelia ; Poedts, Stefaan ; et al
Poster presented at 16th European Solar Physics Meeting (ESPM), online on 2021-09-06 [POSTER-2022-0029]
Conf. Talk 
Numerical Modelling of Consecutive Solar Eruptions Inserted in Different Solar Wind Speeds and Comparison of In-situ Signatures at 1AU and their Geoeffectiveness / Talpeanu, Dana-Camelia ; Chané, Emmanuel ; et al
Talk presented at 43rd COSPAR Scientific Assembly, online on 2021-01-31 [CTALK-2022-0040]
Conf. Poster 
SWAP and the Middle Corona / West, Matthew J ; Seaton, Daniel B ; et al
Poster presented at AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans (US) on 2021-12-13 [POSTER-2021-0036]
Long-Term Evolution of the Solar Corona using PROBA2 Data / Mierla, Marilena
Seminar presented at Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy, via zoom on 2021-04-14 [SEMIN-2021-0019]
Science Article (Ref.) 
Investigating Remote-Sensing Techniques to Reveal Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections / Palmerio, Erika ; Nitta, Nariaki ; Mulligan, Tamitha ; Mierla, Marilena ; et al
published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences (2021) [SCART-2021-0119]

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