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Confinement: quand on peut mieux écouter la Terre et ses mouvements / Lecocq, T.
published in RTBF Info, 2020-04-11 (A. Wavreille) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0020]
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These charts show how coronavirus has ‘quieted’ the world / Lecocq, T. ; De Plaen, R. ; Subedi, S. ; Diaz, J. ; et al
published in National Geographic, 2020-04-08 (M. Wei-Haas) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0019]
Good vibrations: how the lockdown is helping seismologists better understand Earth / Lecocq, T.
published in Positive News, 2020-04-08 (A. Turns) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0018]
Coronavirus Turns Urban Life's Roar to Whisper on World’s Seismographs / Lecocq, T.
published in The New York Times, 2020-04-08 (R. Andrews) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0017]
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Coronavirus: cómo las medidas contra la pandemia están causando que la Tierra vibre menos / Lecocq, T.
published in BBC News Mundo, 2020-04-06 (C. Serrano) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0016]
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Le confinement fait baisser le bruit sismique / Lecocq, T.
published in Journal des Enfants, 2020-04-07 (C. Jacqmin) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0015]
Coronavirus lockdowns worldwide make Earth's crust move less, scientists find / Lecocq, T.
published in The Independent, 2020-04-04 (J. Dalton) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0014]
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The coronavirus pandemic is making Earth shake less / Lecocq, T.
published in, 2020-04-20 (H. Kaur) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0013]
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The Pandemic Is Turning the Natural World Upside Down / Lecocq, T
published in The Atlantic, 2020-04-20 (M. Koren) (2020) [OUTRART-2020-0012]
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Coronavirus: les effets déjà bénéfiques du confinement sur l’air et le bruit / Camelbeeck, T. ; Camelbeeck, T.
published in Le Soir, 2020-03-26 (M. De Muelenare) [OUTRART-2020-0011]

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