Ref: CTALK-2023-0114

The many scales observed by EUI onboard Solar Orbiter

Berghmans, David

Invited talk presented at SOLARNET Conference: The Many Scales of the Magnetic Sun, Potsdam on 2023-05-10

Abstract: EUI is a set of (E)UV imaging telescopes that observe the solar corona from >10 Rsun scales down to pixel scales of 100 km. EUI has been embarked on the ESA/ NASA Solar Orbiter mission on a 10-year mission, while the imaging cadence can be as fast as 2s. This wide range of spatial and temporal scales allows to observe the scale invariance of events, from the largest to the smallest flares, and from the largest eruptions to the smallest jets. Besides identifiable events, also the background spatial structuring shows scale invariance over several orders of magnitude. In this presentation we will present the newest contributions of EUI at the smallest scales (picoflares, picojets) and discuss limitations on how much further down this coronal scale invariance can extend. Abstract

Keyword(s): Sun ; corona ; EUI ; Solar Orbiter
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