Ref: POSTER-2023-0027

Multi-spacecraft Observations of a Prominence Eruption

Sasso, C. ; Susino, R. ; Liberatore, A. ; Telloni, D. ; Spadaro, D. ; Romoli, M. ; Andretta, V. ; Bemporad, A. ; Mierla, M. ; Zhukov, A. N. ; Berghmans, D. ; Seaton, D. ; Parenti, S. ; Auchère, F. ; D’Huys, E. ; Heinzel, P. ; Jejčič, S. ; Bale, S. ; Kasper, J. ; Case, A. ; Dudok de Wit, T. ; Goetz, K. ; Harvey, P. ; Korreck, K. ; Larson, D. ; Livi, R. ; MacDowell, R. ; Malaspina, D, ; Pulupa, M. ; Stevens, M. ; Whittlesey, P. ; Velli, M.

Poster presented at Solar Orbiter 8, Belfast (UK) on 2022-09-12

Abstract: We report a multi-spacecraft observation of a large prominence which erupted on December 24 2021, at the NE limb of the Sun. The eruption was initially observed by the EUI/FSI instrument on board Solar Orbiter (SolO), starting at around 18:00 and last seen in the field of view (FOV) of FSI on December 25 around 03:30 UT. It could be tracked to heights of around 13 Rs, thanks to the observations of white-light coronagraphs, such as LASCO-C2 and -C3, STEREO-A/COR1 and COR2, and of the SolO Metis coronagraph. In particular, the maximum height reached by the prominence alone was around 8 Rs and it was detected in the Metis visible light (VL) channel. The eruption was observed also by other EUV instruments like GOES-17/SUVI, STEREO- A/EUVI, PROBA2/SWAP, SDO/AIA and the above-mentioned white-light coronagraphs. Thanks to this multi-perspective view it is possible to investigate the various phases of the evolution of the prominence eruption and its structure and dynamics. In addition, the eruption was in the direction of the PSP spacecraft whose in-situ measurements will be used to gain information on the magnetic structure of the event, eventually also relying on modeling tools.

Keyword(s): Solar Orbiter ; EUI
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