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000006318 520__ $$aWith its three telescopes (Full Sun Imager FSI and High Resolution Imagers HRIEUV and HRILYA), EUI on Solar Orbiter is imaging from the largest scales in the extended corona down to the smallest features at the base of corona and chromosphere. EUI observations are indispensable for heliospheric connection science as they provide essential information about coronal source regions of eruptive events and solar wind. FSI reveals the structure and evolution of the far corona to unprecedented distances from the Sun (with transients being tracked up to 6 solar radii). EUI’s unparalleled spatial and temporal resolution naturally leads to discovery of new structures at previously inaccessible scales, such as the small-scale EUV brightenings nicknamed “campfires”. During its first close perihelion in March 2022, EUI has achieved the highest resolution images ever of the solar corona in quiet Sun and polar coronal holes, while active regions were imaged at unmatched cadences and sequence durations. This poster aims to show researchers the way to EUI observations and data analysis. After a comprehensive overview of the instrument and its abilities, the power of JHelioviewer will be employed to explore the richness of EUI data, in combination with data from other instruments. Using examples, the reader will be directed to the FITS files in the latest EUI Data Release. EUI’s open data policy invites interested researchers to work with EUI data from the moment they are available on the ground. The poster ends with a warm invitation to issue a proposal for the first EUI Guest Investigator Call, which allows selected researchers to spend a few weeks with the PI team at the Royal Observatory in Brussels to obtain expert knowledge on the instrument, to participate in the planning of observations according to the needs of their proposal, and to conduct their research.
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