Ref: POSTER-2023-0023

Bayesian analysis of a prominence eruption observed by the Solar Orbiter EUI/FSI imager and at the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory

Koza, J. ; Bemporad, A. ; Mierla, M. ; Berghmans, D. ; Zhukov, A.

Poster presented at Solar Orbiter 8, Belfast (UK) on 2022-09-12

Abstract: The release of a coronal mass ejection (CME) may trigger a sequence of post-CME events like, for example, coronal plasma blobs. Comprehensive observations of the parent CME and subsequent events are crucial for proving their causal coupling, if any. On February 12, 2021 a typical slow CME was followed about seven hours later by a nearby prominence eruption and a trailing plasma blob confined in the post-CME current sheet. The space and ground observations of the events are presented in the contribution and paper by Bemporad et al. (2022). Here we aim at investigating the prominence data acquired by the K-Cor coronagraph at the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory and by the Solar Orbiter EUI/FSI imager. The Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares minimization technique and the Bayesian analysis, implemented in the Solar Bayesian Toolkit (SoBAT), are used to analyze the prominence expansion, captured by the K-Cor coronagraph. The latter technique allows reliable estimation of uncertainties of the model parameters and the assessing of the adequacy of the adopted model function in comparison to other function(s). The Levenberg-Marquardt technique shows modest acceleration of 3.5 ms-2 of the prominence front with the initial and terminal velocities of 22 and 51 kms-1 with the average of 37 kms-1 over the distance of 3.2x105 km and the time span of two and half hours. The results, inferred from the K-Cor data, are re-examined by the SoBAT. We will attempt to infer the expansion parameters of the prominence from the EUI/FSI and Metis data by both techniques as well.

Keyword(s): Solar Orbiter ; EUI
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