Ref: CTALK-2023-0030

Multi-wavelength observations of filament eruptions.

Wauters, Laurence ; Dominique, Marie ; Dammasch, I.E Ingolf

Talk presented at ESWW2022 on 2022-10-27

Abstract: Filament eruptions are very often associated to coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and sometimes to flares, which are both primary drivers for space weather. Depending on the situation, filament eruptions can show very different signatures in full-Sun irradiance time series, in particular in terms of the wavelengths in which they can be detected. We recently reported on observations of filament eruptions that cannot be seen in coronal wavelengths and are therefore not associated to any flare reported by GOES, while they show a clear signature in PROBA2/LYRA Lyman-alpha emission. In this presentation, we propose a more systematic analysis of observational characteristics in multiple wavelengths (SXR, 304 A, Lyman-alpha) of a set of filaments, and try to draw some conclusions about the underlying eruption mechanism.

Keyword(s): Filament eruptions, irradiance, multi-wavelength
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