Ref: SCART-2023-0044

Gaia DR3 documentation Chapter 8: Solar System Objects

Muinonen, K. ; Berthier, J. ; Cellino, A. ; David, P. ; De Angeli, F. ; Delbó, M. ; Dell-Oro, A. ; Galluccio, L. ; Hestroffer, D. ; Mignard, F. ; Pauwels, T. ; Spoto, F. ; Tanga, P.

published in Gaia DR3 documentation, European Space Agency; Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium. (2022)

Abstract: This chapter of the Gaia DR3 documentation describes the processing of Solar System Objects (SSOs), including asteroids, Kuiper Belt Objects, and moons of planets (planetary satellites).

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Funding: Gaia PRODEX/Gaia PRODEX/Gaia PRODEX

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