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000005860 245__ $$aThe Energetics of a Solar Jet in a Polar Coronal Hole
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000005860 520__ $$aCoronal jets are short-lived eruptive features commonly observed in polar coronal holes and are thought to play a key role in the transfer of mass and energy into the solar corona. We describe unique contemporaneous observations of a coronal blowout jet seen by the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager onboard the Solar Orbiter spacecraft and the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The coronal jet erupted from the south polar coronal hole, and was observed with high spatial and temporal resolution by both instruments. We find kinematics of ~100-200 km/s across the lifetime of its observed propagation, with a distinct kink in the jet where it impacted and was subsequently guided by a nearby polar plume. A Differential Emission Measure analysis using the SDO/AIA observations revealed no clear signal of the jet, indicating that the erupting material was most likely much cooler than the coronal passbands used to derive the DEM. This is consistent with the very bright appearance of the jet in the Lyman-alpha passband observed by SO/EUI. The DEM was used to estimate both the radiative thermal energy of the source region of the coronal jet (~7⨉1025 ergs) and the kinetic energy of the jet surge (~3⨉1025 ergs). These estimates suggest that the combination of radiative and kinetic energy released in this coronal jet is comparable to the energy of a nanoflare.
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