Ref: POSTER-2022-0036

A large-scale seismological experiment to study magmatic processes beneath the Eifel mountains

Dahm, T. ; Milkereit, C ; Isken, M. ; Cesca, S. ; Yuan, X. ; Sens-Schönfelder, C. ; Tilmann, F. ; Pilz, M. ; Cotton, F. ; Woith, H. ; Hensch, H. ; Schmidt, B. ; Endrun-Knapmeyer, B. ; Meier, T. ; de Siena, L. ; Van Camp, M. ; Oth, A.

Poster presented at 101th JLG INTRACONTINENTAL BASALTIC VOLCANIC FIELDS Development and testing of hypotheses, Luxembourg on 2022-09-06

Abstract: Eifel Quaternary Volcanic Fields are an outstanding example of distributed, volcanic fields in an intracontinental setting. Highlights comprise ● Hundreds of cinder cones and maars distributed over two volcanic fields ● Episodic activity with cycles > 100 ka in both fields, last eruptions 12 ka ago ● 3 large, phonolitic centres in the East Eifel field, where the Laacher See eruption (LSV, 13 ka) had an explosivity index VEI=6 ● Shallow crustal reservoir of the LSV was active / hot during the last 30 ka ● Massive degassing of mantle CO2 (mineral water and production) ● Ongoing regional uplift today (GNSS and InSAR) driven by upper mantle ● A transcrustal magmatic system that covers large regions of > 100 km

Keyword(s): Eifel ; Seismic profile ; Magmatic process

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