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000005683 245__ $$aHow virtual observatories facilitates good data management
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000005683 500__ $$aSlides are available internally at https://gitlab-as.oma.be/SIDC/DepartmentCoordination/datamanagementwg/-/wikis/DaMa-seminars
000005683 520__ $$a Appropriate data management facilitates knowledge discovery by   ensuring (meta)data are made as widely available as possible.  Funding agencies are therefore increasingly concerned with long term   data stewardship, including a.o. data access, preservation, and   reliability.   In this seminar, we present the FAIR  (Find-Access-Interoperate-Reuse) principles that may act as a guide   towards good data management. While the FAIR principles were defined   precisely in 2016, virtual observatories (VO) along with   international standards are being developed since over a decade.  We   will show how these VOs are inherently designed to meet the FAIR   principles, and we will introduce one VO standard for data access,   the Table Access Protocol (TAP). This protocol lies at the heart of   the VESPA  (Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access) VO, which   aims at facilitating data access and at connecting science tools from   different institutions. 
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