Ref: POSTER-2021-0036

SWAP and the Middle Corona

West, Matthew J ; Seaton, Daniel B ; D'Huys, Elke ; Berghmans, David ; Mierla, Marilena ; Rachmeler, Laurel

Poster presented at AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans (US) on 2021-12-13

Abstract: The SWAP instrument on PROBA2 has been observing the Middle Corona for over a solar cycle, it has helped shape our understanding of this previously understudied region, and enabled research into the region by providing the first uncompressed, high-cadence, large field-of-view EUV observations of the region. In this presentation we provide an overview of SWAPs imaging capabilities, techniques used to observe and enhance observations of the region, and a review of the unique observations made by SWAP. We present an overview of the phenomena that passes through and interacts with the region, and how these structures are affected by the ambient plasma properties, and in turn how the structures change the region. Both dynamic and long-lived structures are discussed. We look at the solar cycle dependence of structures observed in this region, and we present some of the open questions pertaining to the region and what needs to be done to further our understanding of the Middle Corona.

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