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000005458 100__ $$aVansintjan, Robbe
000005458 245__ $$aVSWMC validation activities
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000005458 269__ $$c2021-10-28
000005458 520__ $$aThe Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre (VSWMC) is an interactive tool available through the ESA Space Weather (SWE) portal which lets users run models stand alone or coupled together covering space weather conditions from the Sun to the Earth.  We validated these model chains to see if they meet the needs of the ESA SWE portal user base which is broader than the space weather research and forecasting community and also includes various stakeholders who are affected by space weather in some way. Through our validation of the integrated models we want to make sure that users can only obtain sensible and accurate results and that the different models coupled together still give accurate results. We have mainly validated these coupled models by comparing the final model’s output with measurement data calculating multiple metrics selected for the different insights they provide. The validated model chains will be utilised in daily space weather forecast runs made available within the SSA SWE network with resulting predictions of the environment and its effects propagated to the user community
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000005458 773__ $$tThe 17th European Space Weather Week Glasgow 
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