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Laudatio Dr. Walter Zürn

Van Camp, M.

Talk presented at 19th International Symposium on Geodynamics and Earth Tides on 2021-06-22

Abstract: With this Medal the outstanding scientists with a huge experience and influence in the Tidal Community are awarded. Walter Zürn is an outstanding observational geophysicist in the recent history of geodynamics. Since he got his diploma in Physics in 1963 and after completing his doctorate at the Institute of Geophysics, Stuttgart University, he joined Louis Slichter’s group at UCLA as a Postdoctoral Research Geophysicist from 1970 to 1973. This group worked on gravity observations of the normal modes of the Earth and Earth tides (ET). Walter’s first task was to get familiar with LaCoste-Romberg ET gravimeters following their conversions to electrostatic feedback systems by Jerry Larson from the University of Maryland. Walter has never abandoned those instruments ever since. By using those spring gravimeters, and also tiltmeters, strainmeters and long-period seismometers, Walter has dedicated his whole professional life to the observation of the deformations of the Earth and the variations of the Earth’s gravity field.

Keyword(s): Paul Melchior Medal ; Earth Tides ; Walter Zürn ; BFO
Note: M Van Camp's citation of Walter Zürn, who was awarded the 2021 Paul Melchior Medal
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