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000005288 245__ $$aThe prospects of pulsating stars studies with ILMT
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000005288 520__ $$aThe Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is covered with pulsating stars of many different kinds and flavours. Asteroseismology uses the pulsations of these stars to gain information about their interior, which is needed to improve our understanding of stellar evolution. During the last decade, asteroseismic studies have received an enormous boost thanks to space missions like MOST, CoRoT, Kepler/K2, and TESS. These missions have collected nearly uninterrupted photometric time-series with a precision down to a few micromag and a total time base of up to 4 years. TESS is the only one of these missions that is still collecting data and that is covering the largest part of the sky and hence will have targets in common with the ILMT strip. For which types of pulsating stars are the ILMT observations expected to give an added value to the already existing space-based observations? In this presentation, we try to give an answer to this question.
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000005288 773__ $$t1st International Liquid Mirror Telescope Workshop, online (Nainithal, India)
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