Ref: CTALK-2021-0018

Interhemispheric comparison of the ionospheric electron density response during geomagnetic storm conditions

Habarulema, J. B. ; Bergeot, N. ; Chevalier, J.-M. ; Pinat, E. ; Buresova, D. ; Matamba, T. ; Katamzi-Joseph, Z.

Talk presented at EGU online on 2020-05-07

Abstract: The ionospheric electron density response to the occurrence of geomagnetic storms remains one of the challenges that is less understood partially on both short and long-term scales. This is even more complicated given that different locations within the same latitude region (for example in mid-latitudes) at times show different electron density responses as a result of complex dynamic and electrodynamics processes that may be present during one storm duration. Mid-latitude regions are influenced by storm induced processes originating from both low and high latitudes. Using a combination of ionosonde and Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) observations, we show differences and or similarities in the electron density response during selected storm periods in both northern and southern hemisphere over the Europe-African sector. Physical mechanisms at play within different storm phases are explored using both observations and empirical modeling efforts.

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