Ref: SIDCimport-598

Statistical analysis of geomagnetic storms, coronal mass ejections and solar energetic particle events in the framework of the COMESEP project

Malandraki, O. ; Devos, A. ; Dumbovic, M. ; Rodriguez, L. ; Robbrecht, E. ; Vrsnak, B. ; Dierckxsens, M. ; Veronig, A. M. ; Temmer, M. ; Vennerstrom, S. ; Leer, K. ; Calders, Stijn ; Kruglanski, M. ; Crosby, N. B. ; Tziotziou, K. ; Dalla, S. ; Marsh, M. ; Lygeros, N.

published in EGU General Assembly, EGU2013-10389 (2013)

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