Ref: SCART-2021-0026

The pulsation spectrum of a mass-accreting component of AS Eri

Mkrtichian, D. ; Gunsriwiwat, K. ; Engelbrecht, C. ; A-thano, N. ; Lehmann, H. ; Lampens, P. ; Matthews, J. ; Rodriguez, E. ; Kusakin, A.

published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Stars and their Variability Observed from Space, pp. 113-114 (2020)

Abstract: We present the results of pulsational analysis of ground-based multi- site and space (TESS and MOST) photometric and high-resolution spectroscopic (using SALT) observations of a mass-accreting pulsating A3V primary component of the semidetached Algol-type system AS Eri. We report about spectroscopic detection of high- degree nonradial modes in AS Eri.

Keyword(s): Stars: binaries: eclipsing ; Stars: oscillations
Note: Neiner, C. Weiss, W.~W. Baade, D. Griffin, R.~E. Lovekin, C.~C. Moffat, A.~F.~J. (eds.) Link: https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2020svos.conf..113M
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