Ref: SCART-2020-0082

Data mining, ingestion and distribution of planetary data on natural satellites.

Thuillot, W. ; Lainey, V. ; Meunier, L.E. ; Normand, J. ; Arlot, J.E. ; Dehant, V. ; Oberst, J. ; Rosenblatt, P. ; Vermeersen, B. ; Dirkx, D. ; Gurvits, L. ; Marty, J.C. ; Hussmann, H. ; the FP7-ESPaCE, team

published in ADASS XXIV, Proceedings of a conference held on 5-9th October 2014 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Eds. Taylor A.R. and Rosolowsky E., San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, pp. 583-586 (2015)

Funding: EU/FP7/ESPACE

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