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Space Weather Course - SWeC - For Businesses vulnerable to SW and newly founded SW centres

Vanlommel, Petra (STCE) ; Laitinen, Tiera (FMI) ; Van den Oord, Bert (KNMI) ; Thorn, Peter (MetOffice)

Poster presented at ESWW15, Leuven, Belgium on 2018-11-05

Abstract: Europe’s leading space weather service centres offer a training program to businesses vulnerable to space weather. Sporadic and massive eruptions of very high-energy matter and radiation from the Sun can have a pronounced impact on businesses involving navigation, communication and transport of energy. In extreme cases, these eruptions pose a safety risk to human health. Periods of solar activity are generally referred to as solar storms, as part of the changing conditions in space called space weather . The training program offers a ‘Space Weather Introductory Course - SWIC’ which can be extended with modules tailored to the needs and business of the participants. The course will be adapted to the level of the participants. The program focusses on gaining knowledge by fact-learning, hands-on sessions and exercises. It can include a visit to the beating heart of our service centres and a ‘Meet & Greet' with our product and application development staff and researchers. SWeC has the tools to evaluate the participants and can provide an examination certificate. This service is based upon the expertise gained through scientific research, involvement in space missions and space weather monitoring, and forecasting capabilities. The courses are given by qualified staff.

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