Ref: POSTER-2019-0101

AGB star winds as constrained by PACS and SPIRE spectra

Groenewegen, m.a.t.

Poster presented at EWASS, Lyon (FR) on 2019-06-24

Abstract: Nicolaes et al. (2018) presented PACS and SPIRE spectroscopy of a few dozen AGB and supergiant stars. The data set, available at the CDS, comprised of the flux-calibrated spectra, lists of molecular lines with line-strengths, wavelength and possible identifications, and the 'continuum' spectra, that is the full spectra with all lines removed. In the best cases this provides almost continuous spectral coverage between 55 and 600 micrometer at high signal to noise. In this presentation the continuum spectra are compared to broad-band data from the literature, and the full spectral energy distributions (SEDs) from the UV to the millimeter are fitted with the 1D dust radiative transfer code "More of DUSTY". First results are presented that indicate that the SEDs of most OH/IR stars can not be fitted with a 1/r2 density distribution.

Funding: BR/143/A2/STARLAB

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