Ref: SCART-2019-0195 ; CP3-18-40

Mass generation in Abelian U(1) gauge theories: A rich network of dualities

Bertrand, Bruno ; Govaerts, Jan

published in Journal of Mathematical Physics, 60 issue 102904 (2019)

Abstract: Following a novel approach, all known basic mass generation mechanisms consistent with an exact Abelian U(1) gauge symmetry are shown to be related through an intricate network of dualities whatever the spacetime dimension. This equivalence, which applies in the absence of any supersymmetry, is however restricted by the presence of topological terms generating possible topological effects. In particular, in 3 + 1 dimensions, the duality relations between the Maxwell-Higgs model, the Stueckelberg, and the topological mass generation mechanisms are then established following a careful treatment of the gauge symmetry content. This result offers a new framework for an effective description of superconductivity or topological defects built from fields beyond the Standard Model.

Keyword(s): Higgs mechanism ; Gauge field theory ; Duality theorems ; Gauge fixing ; Topologically massive gauge theories ; Gauge symmetry
DOI: 10.1063/1.5109628
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