Ref: BKSECT-2019-0014

Space Weather: 
The Impact on Security & Defense

Janssens, Jan ; Berghmans, David ; Vanlommel, Petra ; Andries, Jesse

in Handbook of Space Security: Policies, Applications and Programs Space weather (20 pages - Sc. Ed. Schrogl KU. - pp. 1--20)

Abstract: Space Weather refers to variations induced by the Sun of the Earth’s space environment and the impact that these variations can have on technological systems and human health. During space weather events, technology such as radio communication and GNSS positioning, can be seriously affected. Space weather can cause the loss of satellites, increase radiation levels at aeronautical flight levels and on the ground, and has the potential to catastrophically damage power grids. We review the space weather cause-effect chains from the source to the affected technologies with special attention to the impact on security and defense.

Note: Accepted on 2019 Jun 7
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-22786-9_94-1
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