Ref: POSTER-2019-0076

Solar observations with Baldy LOFAR station

Dabrowski, B. ; Morosan, D. ; Fallows, R. ; Blaszkiewicz, L. ; Krankowski, A. ; Magdalenic, J. ; Vocks, C. ; Mann, G. ; Zucca, P. ; Sidorowicz, T. ; Hajduk, M. ; Kotulak, K. ; Fron, A. ; Sniadkowska, K.

Poster presented at 20th EGU General Assembly, held 08-14 April, 2018, Vienna, Austria on 2018-04-09

Abstract: The LOFAR (LOw-Frequency ARray) science program is very broad and it is organized in five "Key Science Projects". One of them is dedicated to solar physics and space weather. We will focus on the first results of solar spectroscopic observations carried out with the Baldy LOFAR station, Poland from October 2016 to July 2017. During this time, we observed radio events in the form of a type I and III radio bursts. Our observations show that the station is fully operational and it is capable to work effectively in the single station mode for solar observations. Furthermore, we briefly describe the observational technique and instrument capabilities.


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