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000003938 0247_ $$2DOI$$a10.1007/s10509-018-3480-1
000003938 037__ $$aSCART-2019-0078
000003938 100__ $$aChowdhury, S.
000003938 245__ $$aA study of pulsation & rotation in a sample of A-K type stars in the Kepler field
000003938 260__ $$c2018
000003938 520__ $$aWe present the results of time-series photometric analysis of 15106 A-K type stars observed by the Kepler space mission. We identified 513 new rotational variables and measured their starspot rotation periods as a function of spectral type and discuss the distribution of their amplitudes. We examined the well-established period-color relationship that applies to stars of spectral types F5-K for all of these rotational variables and, interestingly, found that a similar period-color relationship appears to extend to stars of spectral types A7 to early-F too. This result is not consistent with the very foundation of the period-color relationship. We have characterized 350 new non-radial pulsating variables such as A- and F-type candidate δ Scuti, γ Doradus and hybrid stars, which increases the known candidate non-radial pulsators in the Kepler field significantly, by ˜20%. The relationship between two recently constructed observables, Energy and Efficiency, was also studied for the large sample of non-radial pulsators, which shows that the distribution in the logarithm of Energy (log (En)) can be used as a potential tool to distinguish between the non-radial pulsators, to some extent. Through visual inspection of the light curves and their corresponding frequency spectra, we found 23 new candidate red giant solar-like oscillators not previously reported in the literature. The basic physical parameters such as masses, radii and luminosities of these solar-like oscillators were also derived using asteroseismic relations.
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000003938 6531_ $$astars: oscillations
000003938 6531_ $$astars: rotation, starspots
000003938 6531_ $$astars: variables: δ Scuti
000003938 6531_ $$astars: variables
000003938 6531_ $$astars: variables: solarlike
000003938 700__ $$aJoshi, S.
000003938 700__ $$aEngelbrecht, C. A.
000003938 700__ $$aDe Cat, P.
000003938 700__ $$aJoshi, Y. C.
000003938 700__ $$aPaul, K. T.
000003938 773__ $$c260 (1-18)$$n12$$pAstrophysics and Space Science$$v363$$y2018
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