Ref: SCART-2019-0074 ; INSPEC Accession Number: 18193266

A Model of Massive Electromagnetism for the Detection of Topological Dark Matter Through GNSS Networks

Bertrand, Bruno ; Defraigne, Pascale

published in 2018 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM 2018) (2018)

Abstract: We formulate a new theoretical model which paves the way for methods of detection of particular types of dark matter using GNSS networks. Our model consists in a (topologically) massive version of Maxwell theory in a medium which admits topological defect solutions. Hence it describes hypothetical dark matter consisting in Earth-sized structures like monopoles, vortices or domain walls which could induce disturbances in the GNSS networks. In the future our model will then be constrained by GNSS measurements.

Keyword(s): Dark matter ; Electromagnetic measurements ; Electromagnetic propagation ; Global Navigation Satellite System ; Topological defects
DOI: 10.1109/CPEM.2018.8500921
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