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000003620 100__ $$aDecraemer, Bieke
000003620 245__ $$aThree-dimensional structure of coronal streamers observed by SOHO/LASCO and STEREO/COR2
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000003620 269__ $$c2018-07-18
000003620 520__ $$aHelmet streamers are a prominent manifestation of magnetic structures with current sheets in the Solar corona. These large-scale structures are regions with high plasma density, overlying coronal active regions. We investigate the 3D structure of coronal streamers, observed by white-light coronagraphs (SOHO/LASCO and STEREO/COR2). 3D reconstruction of coronal structures is often ambiguous. Inverse reconstructions are difficult, so we design a forward model based on plausible assumptions about the 3D streamer structure taken from previous physical models (a plasma sheet centered around a current sheet). The streamer stalk is approximated by a plasma sheet, with electron density that is characterized by three functions describing the radial, transverse and face-on profiles respectively. We simultaneously fit the observational data from SOHO and STEREO vantage points using a multivariate minimization algorithm. We demonstrate that our model can reasonably describe the observations.
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