Ref: POSTER-2018-0041

New tide gauges cross-calibration method : multi-instrument data combination

Gobron, K. ; de Viron, O. ; Van Camp, M.

Poster presented at INQUA-PAGES Conference for Early-Career Researchers, Impacts of sea-level rise from past to present, Utrecht, NL on 2018-08-26

Abstract: Sea level change at the coast require high quality sea surface height time series. The main source of modern sea level measurements is provided by digital coastal tide gauges, which need regular calibration campaigns to ensure their precision & accuracy. There exist several types of tide gauges – Tide pole, Probe, Radar tide gauge,Pressure tide gauge, GNSS buoys, GNSS reflectometry. We propose a more complete assessment of tide gauges (combined solution + biases + uncertainties), by using a combination formulation of the problem along with a Variance Component Estimation method.

Keyword(s): Tide Gauge ; LeastSquares Variance Component Estimation ; Calibration

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