Ref: SCART-2018-0047

Research Activities in Astronomy and Astrophysics in Belgium

Fremat, Y ; Van Eck, S ; Aerts, C ; Baes, M ; Berghmans, D ; Bruyninx, C ; Buitinke, S ; David, M ; Defraigne, P ; Dehant, V ; De Keyser, J ; De Rijke, S ; Fuzfah, A ; Groenewegen, M ; Hertog, T ; Javaux, E ; Jorissen, A ; Keppens, R ; Kolenberg, K ; Lefever, K ; Lemaitre, A ; Lobera, A ; Neefs, E ; Pourbaix, D ; Quinet, P ; Rauw, G ; Ringeval, C ; Surdej, J ; Tytgat, M ; Van der Linden, R ; van Hoof, P ; Van Hoolst, T

published in Belgian Physical Society Magazine, 1-2018, pp. 5-19 (2018)

Abstract: The last years have seen the construction of important ground telescopes and instruments, while Belgian astronomers also continued to enforce their participation in the preparation, development, and the exploitation of Space missions. On the international level, these achievements allowed the Belgian astronomical community to strengthen an excellent reputation. Their implication in ambitious research projects allowed our scientists to become main actors to major breakthrough in various fields of astronomy. Most of the projects that made these contributions possible have been funded by grants from the regions, from the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), as well as from the European Research Council (ERC). Among these, ERC2 grants are the most prestigious research grants in Europe. They fund researchers of any nationality and age who wish to pursue frontier research, and provide a high-level science stature to the person, the labo- ratory, and the country to which it is given. Even more encouraging is to note that a good part of these grants have been awarded to women. It makes our country quite unique and marks the beginning of a new era for astronomy in Belgium.

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