Ref: SEMIN-2018-0018

The Solar Influences Data Analysis Center, SIDC

Vanlommel, Petra

Seminar presented at ROB on 2017-04-28

Abstract: The mission of the SIDC is to advance knowledge on the Sun and its influence on the Solar system, through research and observations. This knowledge is passed to the scientific community, to the society, the government and the industry. The SIDC offers also services. Concrete, the SIDC runs a research centre, observatories, an operational centre for monitoring and forecasting space weather, data exploitation centres. I will give a short overview of the pillars on which the SIDC is built and how I think we are perceived by the outside world. I would like however that we think together about the following questions: What should be the focus of the SIDC? Which ambitions should the SIDC have? How should we deal with the challenges that these ambitions bring? How we should organise ourselves to reach the SIDC goals?

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