Ref: SEMIN-2018-0017

Impact of Flux Distribution on Footpoint Driven Coronal Heating

OHara, Jennifer

Seminar presented at ROB SIDC on 2017-05-12

Abstract: The complex magnetic field on the solar surface has been shown to contain a range of sizes and distributions of magnetic flux structures. The dynamic evolution of this magnetic carpet by photospheric flows provides a continual source of free magnetic energy into the solar atmosphere, which can subsequently be released by magnetic reconnection. However, it is not yet understood exactly how the distribution of magnetic flux can impact the energy release and locations of heating. I will present 3D MHD simulations, using Lare3D, examining the heating produced by flux tubes which are subjected to slow rotational driving velocities on the boundaries and are forced to interact and reconnect. I present a series of cases altering the number, distribution and strength of the flux tubes, while maintaining the same total magnetic flux and using the same velocity driver on the boundaries. The dynamical evolution and the resultant magnitude, distribution and timing of the heating events are examined for the different flux configurations considered.

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