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000003024 100__ $$aKraaikamp, Emil
000003024 245__ $$aSolar Demon - automated detection of flares, dimmings and EUV waves in near real-time on SDO/AIA
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000003024 269__ $$c2016-01-08
000003024 520__ $$aSolar flares, dimmings and EUV waves have been observed routinely in EUV images of the Sun since 1996. These events are closely associated with CMEs, and therefore provide useful information for early space weather alerts. Solar Demon detects and characterizes flares, dimmings and EUV waves on SDO/AIA data. The software runs on quicklook and on synoptic science data, detecting events both in near real-time (as soon as images are available, typically 15 minutes after the exposure was made) as well as creating a science event catalog. The output of both the near real-time and science catalogs of Solar Demon are available on the Solar Demon website, and includes images, movies, light curves, and the numerical evolution of several parameters. Here we present an overview of the Solar Demon system, and in more detail describe the image processing techniques used to automatically detect and characterize flares, dimmings and EUV waves in SDO/AIA EUV images.
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000003024 6531_ $$aflares
000003024 6531_ $$adimmings
000003024 6531_ $$aEUV waves
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000003024 6531_ $$aevent detection
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000003024 773__ $$tModern data-analysis in Solar Physics
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