Ref: ASTROimport-1038

Is HD 147787 a double-lined binary with two pulsating components? Preliminary results from a spectroscopic multi-site campaign

De Cat, P. ; Wright, D. J. ; Pollard, K. R. ; Maisonneuve, F. ; Kilmartin, P. M. ; Laney, D.

published in American Institute of Physics Conference Series, 1170, pp. 483-485 (2009)

Abstract: The double-lined binary HD 147787 has been observed from three southern observatories to gather a time series of high-quality, high-resolution spectroscopic data. We here report upon the first analysis of the 2008 data obtained with the spectrographs HARPS and HERCULES. An eccentric orbit of 39.880(2) days was obtained. For the primary component. we derived a projected rotational velocity νsin i of 7(2) km s-1 and found that the temporal changes of the line profiles are dominated by 0.6897(8) d-1, which is the main frequency known from photometry. There is evidence for multiperiodicity. For the secondary component, we derived a νsin i of 33(2) km s 1, but there is no firm evidence for pulsations.

DOI: 10.1063/1.3246549
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