Ref: ASTROimport-1031

Post-AGB binaries in an evolutionary perspective: a HERMES monitoring programme

Van Winckel, H. ; Jorissen, A. ; Gorlova, N. ; Dermine, T. ; Exter, K. ; Masseron, T. ; Østensen, R. ; Van Eck, S. ; Van de Steene, G.

published in Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana, 81, pp. 1022 (2010)

Abstract: We give a status report on our project to exploit the properties of our self-built high-resolution spectrograph HERMES to study binary evolutionary channels. Our large programme focuses on the wide variety of distinct (suspected or proven) classes of binary stars with evolved components. By combining high S/N single observations with low S/N time series, we aim to quantify the orbital and chemical characteristics of every distinct subgroup. The suspected orbital periods range from days (sdB stars, PNe) to years (post-AGB, Ba star family, J-type silicate stars etc.) so the sampling rate is tuned to the expected behaviour. The ultimate goal of this long programme is to connect the zoo of different objects into a sound evolutionary picture which accounts for the chemical peculiarities and the dynamical constraints set by the orbital distribution and binarity rates.

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