Ref: ASTROimport-933

Planetary nebulae in the VISTA Magellanic Cloud (VMC) Survey

Miszalski, B. ; Napiwotzki, R. ; Cioni, M.-R. L. ; Groenewegen, M. A. T. ; Oliveira, J. M. ; Udalski, A. ; Nie, J.-C.

published in IAU Symposium, 283, pp. 444-445 (2012)

Abstract: The multi-epoch YJK s sub-arcsecond photometry of the VMC survey provides a long anticipated deep near-infrared (NIR) window into further understanding the stellar populations of the Magellanic Clouds. The first year of observations consisted of six tiles covering ~9% of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) survey region and contains 102 objects previously classified as planetary nebulae (PNe). A large proportion of the sample were found to be contaminated by non-PNe. These initial results underline the importance of establishing a clean catalogue of LMC PNe before they are applied in areas such as the planetary nebula luminosity function (PNLF) and searches for binary central stars. As the VMC survey progresses it will play a fundamental role in cleaning extant PN catalogues and a complementary role in the discovery of new PNe.

DOI: 10.1017/S1743921312011842
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