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000002733 100__ $$avan Hoof, P. A. M.
000002733 245__ $$aHerschel Observations of Planetary Nebulae in the MESS Program
000002733 260__ $$c2014
000002733 520__ $$aThe Herschel Guaranteed Time Key Project “MESS” (Mass loss of Evolved StarS, P.I. M. Groenewegen, Royal Observatory of Belgium) has observed a wide variety of evolved stellar objects in spectroscopic and photometric mode using both the PACS and SPIRE instruments on board the Herschel satellite. The aims of the project are to study the mass loss history of the central star, the hydrodynamical interactions in the outflows and with the interstellar medium, and the properties of the dust that was formed in the ejecta. The project studies a wide variety of evolved objects, including planetary nebulae (PNe). In our poster we present a dust temperature map of NGC 650 based on PACS images and discuss the grain properties in this PN. We also present the first detection of OH+ emission in a PN as found in the SPIRE spectrum of the Helix nebula and discuss the physical conditions in the photo-dissociation region of this PN. 
000002733 700__ $$a Etxaluze, M.
000002733 700__ $$a Van de Steene, G. C.
000002733 700__ $$a Cernicharo, J.
000002733 700__ $$a Exter, K. M.
000002733 700__ $$a Goicoechea, J. R.
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000002733 700__ $$a Swinyard, B. M.
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000002733 700__ $$a Lim, T. L.
000002733 700__ $$a Groenewegen, M. A. T.
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000002733 700__ $$a MESS Consortium
000002733 773__ $$c109$$pAsymmetrical Planetary Nebulae VI Conference$$y2014
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