Ref: ASTROimport-865

Dust in Stellar Winds: A Micro- and Macroscopic View

Mecina, M. ; Groenewegen, M. A. T. ; Kerschbaum, F. ; Aringer, B. ; Nowotny, W. ; Ottensamer, R. ; Mayer, A. ; Luntzer, A.

published in Why Galaxies Care about AGB Stars III: A Closer Look in Space and Time, 497, pp. 395 (2015)

Abstract: In the course of the MESS Guaranteed Time Key Program, geometrically thin and overall spherically symmetric detached shells were observed with Herschel/PACS amongst a morphologically diverse sample of (post-)AGB stars. We use 1D dust radiative transfer modelling to determine shell properties such as the dust mass, the corresponding mass-loss rate (MLR) and dust temperature, in order to assess the possible scenarios of shell formation. As an example we present the case of the carbon star U Hya. For the modelling the chosen dust properties are crucial, and we show the key aspects and their effect on the results obtained. We further attempt to establish a physical model of the observed stellar dust envelope by means of a stationary wind code to test whether an abrupt change in the MLR can cause the observed detached shell.

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