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000002706 245__ $$aThe Kepler Field of View Covered with the LAMOST Spectroscopic Observations
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000002706 520__ $$aThe Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) at the Xinglong observatory in China is a 4-m telescope equipped with 4,000 optical fibers. In 2010, we initiated the LAMOST-Kepler project which aimed at collecting the low-resolution LAMOST spectra for as many objects from the KIC10 catalogue as possible, covering uniformly the Kepler field of view.The first round of the LAMOST-Kepler project has been completed in fall 2014, resulting in more than 100,000 low-resolution spectra which we used to derive the stellar atmospheric parameters (the effective temperature, the surface gravity, and the mean metallicity), to detect the very fast rotators, and to identify stars which show emission lines in their spectra. Our results have been confirmed to be consistent with those reported in the literature, based on high-resolution spectroscopy.The LAMOST-Kepler project will be continued in the next observing seasons. It's second round will be dedicated to improving the coverage of the Kepler field of view and to improving the results of observations of those stars for which we obtained spectra of low signal-to-noise. 
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