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000002702 100__ $$aHoll, B.
000002702 245__ $$aBuilding an automated 100 million+ variable star catalogue for Gaia
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000002702 520__ $$aGaia is currently monitoring over a billion sources in and around our Galaxy, of which of the order of hundred million are expected to be variable stars. This unmatched sample will revolutionise research on stars and stellar physics not only because of its sheer size, but also because of the availability of simultaneous photometric, astrometric, and, for the brighter stars, radial velocity measurements. The public release of the Gaia data will be accompanied by many catalogues produced by the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, amongst which the variable star catalogue provided by the Coordination Unit 7 (CU7). This catalogue will be the starting point for many stellar studies following the data release and therefore has to be of very high quality.In this presentation we present an initial overview of the information that can be expected to be part of this variable star catalogue. Additionally, we discuss the important aspects of the CU7 automated pipeline that will lead to the production of this catalogue: i) the motivation of its design, ii) the modelling of periodic sources, iii) the synergy of various classifiers, and iv) variable type-specific modelling. Additionally the advantages of combining photometric, spectroscopic and astrometric measurements will be highlighted. 
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