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000002693 100__ $$aLobel, A.
000002693 245__ $$aImaging and Spectroscopy of The Massive Binaries MWC 314 and HD 168625
000002693 260__ $$c2015
000002693 520__ $$aVLT-NACO imaging and spectroscopic monitoring of MWC 314 shows it is a hierarchical triple system consisting of a close massive binary that contains a Luminous Blue Variable (LBV), and a third companion bound in a wide orbit. We observe Discrete Absorption Components (DACs) in extended violet absorption wings of P Cyg He i lines at orbital phases when the primary is in front of the secondary. The DACs signal fast expanding wind regions of enhanced density and variable outflow velocity. We present a model of the circumbinary disc showing that the formation region of Fe ii emission lines in the disc extends to ˜26 au from the center of gravity for i=70∘. Direct imaging of the candidate LBV HD 168625 also reveals a companion bound in a wide orbit. A kinematic analysis of VLT-UVES slit spectra signals significantly different radial velocities of the [N ii] λ6584 emission line formation regions N-S across the inner loop-like nebular structures. 
000002693 700__ $$a Martayan, C.
000002693 700__ $$a Baade, D.
000002693 700__ $$a Mehner, A.
000002693 700__ $$a Groh, J. H.
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