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000002668 100__ $$aLampens, P.
000002668 245__ $$aPulsating components in multiple systems
000002668 260__ $$c2005
000002668 520__ $$aTwo interesting case studies of pulsating components in triple systems are highlighted in this presentation. We first report on the new results of a detailed study of the double-lined spectroscopic-visual system  DG Leonis based on recent photometric and high-resolution spectroscopic data. This triple system has two  components showing mild Am abundance peculiarities and at least one pulsating component of the type δ Scuti. In the second case we report on the new results obtained for the single-lined spectroscopic-visual  triple system λ Scorpii. A careful spectroscopic analysis allowed to detect the presence of  four pulsation frequencies, the most dominant of which was shown to be subject to the  light-time effect. None of these frequencies are likely to be excited by tidal interaction. 
000002668 700__ $$a Frémat, Y.
000002668 700__ $$a Uytterhoeven, K.
000002668 700__ $$a Cuypers, J.
000002668 773__ $$c149$$pTidal Evolution and Oscillations in Binary Stars$$v333$$y2005
000002668 85642 $$ahttp://esoads.eso.org/abs/2005ASPC..333..149L
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